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Titanium Bolts for Spacecraft

Lightweight parts for spacecraft are one of our major areas of participation. We have supplied titanium parts for several satellite builders. We supply not only the screws, sometimes with captive washers so that the washers can't be dropped, but titanium nuts, pins and studs and other fastener configurations too.

Often we provide special space compatible coatings that are necessary for proper interaction of the hardware.

The socket head recess used with many fasteners for spacecraft is "forged" so that there are no chips or burrs to dislodge and find their way into electronic components where they may cause problems.

Quantities typically are not large, but we work with our customers to back them up with inventory of finished parts, and also of blanks for quick delivery.

The hex recess is forged, so that there are no loose chips or burrs.

Washer is captivated to head but allows fastener to rotate inside. The washer prevents damage to the substrate solar panels. No loose washers to fall into assemblies.

Another way to captivate a washer is to roll the threads after the washer is fitted onto the fastener. A metallic or non-metallic washer can be used.